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Marketing Integrated marketing and business development

Business Marketing positioning, business development strategy and execution

Data Family Offices according to criteria

Business Licensing deal flow from university

Business Search for a provider of a loan of 40 millions euros to acquire an asset

Data Product data for e-commerce store via API

Business GMP manufacturer for a clinical trial

Business Distributor of surgery implants in CIS and MENA

Marketing Email marketing strategy for a capital fund

Data Opmization of Perl code for search string results

Data Web scraper for a specific website

Marketing Email template optimization for increased engagement

Data Extraction of fields from clinical trials into comparative table

Data Search tool through full text of Open Access publications

Data Data extractor for PubMed

Business Journals that are interested in a manuscript

Business Blockchain company setup with VARA license in UAE

Marketing Email marketing to relevant scientific labs

Business Wholesalers of drugs according to the list and quantities



We started as A-LabInsider in 2018, the software product was launched after 2.5 years of R&D. A non-technical founder had created a deeply technical product with no technical co-founder or external funds. Inna Zaimenko, the founder, did her PhD in Integrative Oncology and founded a company to help researchers to gain first-hand access to innovation developed by SMEs. Academic life science labs in Europe and North America - a software that tracks website content of universities and connects this information with reseach publications. This is how the company became known for. The company added focus on medical and other spaces and became specialized in software development and business partnerships for the good of companies.



  • Truly lifetime
  • Real-time search
  • Automatic update
  • No recurrent costs
  • One-off fee
  • Client support
  • Customizable
  • Code on your side
  • Data extractor for PubMed

    Search tool through full text
    of Open Access publications

    Data extractor from clinical
    trials xmls into a
    comparative table

    JournalInsider tool that
    searches for relevant
    journals for your manuscript


    Data Engineering Crash Course


  • Become senior data engineer in just one month
  • Save funds on hiring senior engineers, any
    junior with this course can get to a required
    level in one month
  • Master Linux and Python
  • Code files as on video are provided to get
    you up to speed
  • One time investment, no subscriptions
  • Service and Consulting

    Search engines, web scrapers, other Python and Unix-based automation tools - we can build your next tool.
    Solving your business, publishing or other problem is our pleasure.
    Our brains and experience are at your consulting.

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