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Deepli stands for deep learning for Life Science. It also has a relation to code like <li> nth. We work with websites and publications using latest text processing technologies for the good of life and medical sciences community. Each company and the projects we receive are different. To advance the industry, we need to stay versatile. For that we have built a network of ambassadors who can pick up any project you may be interested in. Our approach to solving problems is through knowledge, persistence, intellectual curiosity and interest in delivering value. Experience it by yourself. 


Multiple products – one idea: how can we help

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Our background is science. Our abilities are scientific. When we see a new need, we go and make a product to address it. Digital or physical products, we are builders and happy to continue to serve you. Reach out to us to inquire. 

And a global network of Ambassadors



Several hundreds people are in our network, with backgrounds ranging from biology to business, engineering and IT. Give one of them the opportunity to work on your project for an affordable price. Our people are happy to help you with any project you have reducing the load on your team.

The best way is to talk to us

Software is a very specific thing. Not everyone needs it, some need consulting and get their job done instead of a software with pre-built functions. Schedule a meeting with us to consult what fits your needs. And if there is no immediate feature or data available, we can make it for you.

deepli Academia

Academic life science labs

We are working with websites and publications. The labs are taken from websites of universities and research institutes and are combined with literature they have produced. You can search by abstracts, materials & methods section, benchmark labs or see new that got established somewhere. 

deepli Companies

Companies related to life, medical, healthtech and similar worldwide

We have hundreds of thousands companies available in a databank. If some segment is not available we can find it for you. Search through websites, contacts, segmenting – audience building is our strength. Reach out with your inquiry.

DeepLearning with our proprietary KPIs to help you find partner or a set of partners

Increase efficiency and conversion rate with our technology that is able to segment the market and find the proper partner or a set of partners. We love efficiency, more options and getting the answer fast. With our technology you can explore how can you do it at scale. We can save you months by optimizing your customer approach.

Produce a comprehensive factsheet drawing from 5+ sources

View all your data with smart visual analytics compiled in a thorough and convenient factsheet, which is made using more than five sources so you can be sure it’s as comprehensive as possible. You will be able to perform searches, allowing you to find the perfect partners quickly and efficiently.

Styrofoam lab carriage bags

Custom labeled hot-written bags

To carry styrofoam boxes full of dry ice is difficult. In fact, they are not so heavy like more inconvenient because of a shape. You go by car, or stay okay with a public transport. But it is inconvenient. Why not to make it easier? We offer felt bags with a wide bottom that can fit any box, and a shoulder strap to carry them easy. Each bag is labeled with hot writing, so nothing comes off when washing or gets rubbed off to clothes. You are free to choose color and size. A set of three of same size or 3 different sizes. Contact us to inquire.

How deepli can benefit you


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Find the right lab or company


Have more options


Save time

Anyone interested can have the access to deepli Academia or deepli Companies products. Democratization of data in our opinion should enable everyone to get their precious question solved with the power of data and contacts to those people. Start your trial to see how the apps can benefit you and sign up with us to empower your career or business.


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Find the right partners


Generate leads, identify gaps


Save time

You would like to sign up your company to use our software? No problem, we have the flat company packages with unlimited number of users per company. Partnerships, prospecting, market intelligence, all these are possible with our data-based software. 


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Latest developments


Trending topics


Matching experts

The whole institute can benefit from having access to the data on their collaborators or industrial partners as well as suppliers. The world of science is small and getting to the right data fast saves time and opens more opportunities. Whether these are academic labs or the whole institute packages we can have a custom solution for you. 


Open new horizons

Having more options brings agility and competitiveness. You are so good as many ideas you can invent. Those can be tested fast, and our software can help you. Knowing where is the next opportunity opens more perspective and this perspective we want you to possess. Whether it is suppliers, collaborators or research outsourcing, having the options in a compact format is of advantage.

Save time

Our search engine draws from multiple resources, combining informations and our insights for the good of your business. Publications, clinical trials, custom crunched insights – our meticulously gathered and comprehensively presented data will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Search through websites

We use a deep search through websites which allows you to fetch the targets based on keywords present. We also translate websites to put everyone on the same page so you can search in English coherently. 

Take advantage of groupings

We love to be efficient and curious. Feel free to take advantage of groupings of prospects we made. They simplify your operational workflow searching for similar partners. It is simple to grasp, easy to access, and has everything you need in one convenient format.

Export all at once

Whether you work with academia or companies, we let you to export the data you need. We are standing here to empower you so you can get your question solved and move on with your business. 

Stay updated

Be the first and stay ahead is our motto. And this is also gets reflected in the features we have built. Have a look on new updates in academia and companies software and keep the pulse on the market. 

GDPR compliant

We always conduct ourselves with integrity and perform regular audits and inspections to ensure the data we gather is kept as confidential and safe as possible. We are lawful, fair, and transparent and take GDPR compliance very seriously. You can use our product with complete confidence.

Anything you want

We love you! We bring you solutions to move your business forward. There is always next 🙂   

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Our clients are always ecstatic with our services, regardless of their size or location

A very useful platform to identify and qualify life science labs in various research fields in Europe. The A-LabInsider team also helped to customize the tool and integrated some additional features based on our feedback. Thank you.

Johannes Franzgrote

Scientific Field Application Specialist evorion biotechnologies GmbH

Very useful collection of biological laboratories with excellent search and analysis capabilities.

Pavel Levkin

CSO Aquarray GmbH

Helps us stay on the cutting edge of science and a useful link in the process of finding meaningful partnerships.

Joette Crosier

Laboratory Manager Kääpä Biotech Oy

Data mining to identify life science labs, their current research and stay updated on newcomers and their research. An enabler to build a relationship.

Marcus Weth

CEO Nanosurf GmbH

An innovative approach for identification of potential partners and a better understanding of the scientific landscape.

Hubert Paul

Head of Innovation & IP management Roche Diagnostics

The most comprehensive coverage of available life science research. A new way to solve an old problem.

Christian Tidona

Managing Director BioMed X Institute

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