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Terms and Conditions of Service

1. Language

This Terms and Conditions of Service page is written and is only available in English, with no other language applying. Only the English version of these Terms and Conditions is legally valid and binding.

2. Key Definitions

  • Deepli (or “We”, “Us”, “Our”): we are the owners of the App, we own all information, pictures, symbols, databases and similar stored in the App.
  • Services: the provision of Contents, Records and Databases from Us to You, as stored in our App.
  • Information and personal data: all information and personal data stored in our App that we will share to you when you purchase our services.
  • Customers (or “You”): physical persons or companies purchasing our services.

3. Scope of Application

3.1. The following provisions have a legally binding nature, and apply exclusively between Deepli and Customers;

3.2. You agree to respect the present Terms and Conditions of Services and all provided hereinafter stated. Any infringement upon the present Terms and Conditions page will be under your exclusive responsibility;

4. Data Protection

The parties agree that:

4.1. Until the moment you purchase our Services, we own and are a personal data and information Controller;

4.2. From the moment your purchase our Service, you become a Controller and we are no longer responsible; you shall manage information and personal data;

4.3. The sharing of personal data and information is necessary in order to fulfill our obligations deriving from the provision of our services to you;

4.4. We comply with privacy laws as stated in our Privacy Policy page;

4.5. You shall comply with privacy laws in connection with the processing of information and personal data, under this Terms and Conditions page and under our privacy policy you have presumably viewed and accepted. Shall you be responsible of any omission or commission of illicit processing of information and personal data, we shall not be considered in breach of privacy laws, and we waive any responsibility;

4.6. You engage in processing information and personal data for the purposes explicitly provided by our privacy policy. Any infringement upon the respect of such purposes will not be considered as our responsibility;

4.7. We guarantee that when we share information and personal data:

  1. Data subjects have explicitly given their consent where data have been collected directly from them;
  2. Where we have sourced our databases from publicly available sources, it is unnecessary, given the scopes or our processing, to inform all data subjects about the processing of their data;
  3. Where we received information and personal data from a third party, such data are fairly processed and the arrangements between us and the third party complies with privacy laws;

4.8. You guarantee that when you process information and personal data:

  1. Processing shall not represent a breach of privacy laws;
  2. The purposes of processing shall be in line with the scope of application of the present Terms and Conditions page;
  3. You implement adequate measures to inform data subjects of their rights;
  4. You shall communicate to third parties you will authorize to process information and personal data, that such third parties comply with privacy laws and guarantee a level of adequacy of privacy laws and data subjects’ rights;
  5. Shall a breach of information and personal data occur, inform and notify us of the breach within a timeframe no longer than 12 hours after you become aware of the breach, providing us the details of the breach; this serves for us as mere information purposes, as we shall not be responsible for any breach of your systems; you shall, whether necessary, assist us in mitigating the effect of the breach as well as in making any notifications to data privacy Supervising Authorities; such obligations are performed at your costs and expenses;

4.9. Every other provision of our privacy policy, that you presumably viewed and accepted, shall be considered as an integral attachment to this Terms and Conditions page, and therefore apply.

5. Purchasing our Services

Once you purchase our services, will use our App in order to fully enjoy our services. We guarantee that your payments will be secure at our maximum extent, and processed using an encrypted secured digital mechanisms, if we decide to collect payments via our website. Till that, the payment for the delivered desktop App occurs through bank wiring/transfer.

6. Deepli Commitments

6.1. We commit to a precise and accurate execution of whatsoever provided in this Terms and Conditions page;

6.2. We secure at our maximum extent that we provide a continuous and uninterrupted service; however, we are not held responsible for any interruption caused by external factors and independent from our control that may even result in a potential harm or loss caused to your informatic or technological equipment;

6.3. We are not held liable whether the customers’ informatic or technological equipment does not support our services, thus not being able to enjoy our services; therefore, we do not make any prior warrantee that your equipment is compatible, that the service will be uninterrupted, and similar;

7. Customers Obligations and Liabilities

7.1. You agree to respect the present Terms and Conditions of Service, fully assuming the economic and legal risk associated with such services, in any sector such economic and legal risks shall deploy;

7.2. You ensure you will use our services in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions page and with the privacy policy you presumably viewed and accepted;

7.3. You agree to bear full and exclusive responsibility for any action you undertake with the services we provide to you, for an indefinite period of time;

8. Termination

As explicitly stated above, once you purchase our services you will have the right to fully enjoy them for an indefinite period of time. Therefore, the present Terms and Conditions applies as far as you make use of the services we provided to you, with no exception.

9. Confidentiality and Proprietary Information

9.1. For the purposes of the Terms and Conditions, the definition of Confidential Information shall include:

  1. All information and/or material that has or could have economic or commercial value, or any other utility in the business in which we are engaged and which is not of public domain;
  2. Any scientific or technical information, design, invention, discoveries, process, procedure, formula, improvement, technology or method, computer programs and inventories, software, databases, computer licenses, source codes, object codes and all codes in general;
  3. Any information to maintain the secrecy of business or marketing plans or strategies, financial information, customer lists, trade secrets, know-how, sales projections, and pricing information;
  4. Information belonging to our customers and suppliers about whom you may have gained knowledge as a result of the Services we provided to you;
  5. You will maintain the Confidential Information for the sole and exclusive purposes pointed out in this Terms and Conditions. You shall not publish, copy, disclose or permit the use by others of such Confidential Information;
  6. You shall be held personally and fully liable for all damages, harm, or any other economic, tangible or intangible losses caused to us following the violation of confidentiality;

9.2. Proprietary information and Intellectual Property, under this Terms and Conditions, shall include:

  1. The product of all Services and work, including without limitation all notes, reports, documentation, drawings, computer programs, software, codes, inventions, licenses, creations, works, devices, models, work-in-progress, know-how, and deliverables will remain in our sole and exclusive property;
  2. You retain no right to use any of the product of its Service and work, and you agree not to challenge the validity of our ownership of such Services and work products, also in cases you bring an invention or a modification to such Services;
  3. You are not entitled to use our name in advertising and other materials unless we explicitly provide our consent.

9.3    You are not allowed to re-sell the information we provided to you under the scope of our Services, to any other individual or company. You are obliged to exclusively use the information within your own company. Same applies, to prohibit you from setting up a competitive business out of information provided by us.

10. Personal Data

10.1. When purchasing our services, you explicitly give us your consent to process information, personal data and images for the purposes indicated in our privacy policy, which you have presumable viewed and agreed;

10.2. Such information will be processed stored in our databases, and we might use them for advertising or marketing purposes, as related to your commitment with us, and in case we might have further offers or communications in line with the services we provide;

10.3. You can always contact us for any query or communication relating to your personal data or information, to the addressed indicated in our privacy policy page.

10.4. Our privacy policy page, which you have presumably viewed and agreed, constitutes an integral part of the present clause and of the present Terms and Conditions and indicated below.

11. Disputes

Shall you be dissatisfied for any reason with our services, please feel free to contact us at We will answer as soon as possible trying to clarify and solve your issues concerning the content of the service or any other matter.

12. Force Majeure

12.1. If a force majeure event occurs, such as for systemic or informatic or software reasons, causing a delay in the provision of our services to you, you agree to allow us a reasonable extension of time to undertake our performance under this Terms and Conditions;

12.2. In such circumstances, we are not considered in breach of this Terms and Conditions nor liable for delay or failure in performing our obligations.

13. Modifications

Any amendment or modification will be highlighted under this Terms and Conditions of Service page, and it will be your sole responsibility to check upon and keep updated. Your continued use of our services constitutes and implicit acceptance of the modified terms.