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A-LabInsider has created an application that lists all academic life science labs in Europe with an intelligence to filter through them to make it easier for small and medium biotech companies to discover labs and do business with them. The concept was to create a central place for biotech SMEs to find academic labs through the content of available websites and scientific literature the labs have produced, as well as to keep an eye on the new labs, gain lead generation and market intelligence to get an overview and benchmark performance of each lab to figure out which lab is the best fit.

A-LabInsider equips companies with the latest data, guides what to do with it, and how to apply it to achieve best possible results. By doing those things, the app is the ‘market watch’ on academic life science labs and will always be updated with a new information arising daily.

With the abundance of academic labs being twice as much as biotech SMEs, it has been very time-consuming and tedious to search manually for the information on the websites and in scientific literature. Through the app, SMEs can make their decision about the right labs through the literature the labs have produced, and gain an overview and benchmarking of their performance in any topic. With the ever-growing need for convenient and easily accessible information, A-LabInsider takes away the discovery problem from biotech SMEs and even more makes it easier to follow up with those that are relevant.

The app will positively affect how both sides connect and boost businesses of each other. It also provides SMEs with the low-cost functions that are normally provided to enterprises, but at a more reasonable and affordable price.

The situation with academic life science labs is paradoxical, by number they are twice as many as biotech companies, while by revenue generated from them to biotech companies represent only a quarter. Their budget is often similar to small biotech companies, however difficulty to be discovered represent the main reason for this phenomena. A-LabInsider solves this problem by pouring more innovation developed in biotech companies to academic labs, thus making good for small businesses and publicly funded research groups so they can benefit from latest innovations.


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