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Practice shows that best friends as well as couples look similar. Now, if this is true, why not to go search similar to you people. Sign Up if you want to become a part of it and find one day more people that will be supportive to you  ? ?  

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People like people that look like them - how many times you've heard this?


So why then all these dating networks that have millions of users show us random people? Do they care about own profits and not our happiness in finally meeting the right person? One can become sick from chasing dating apps to find someone. Yet AI and ML technology are advanced enough to recognise similar people and suggest a contact to you.

We stand for people and their happiness, as well as getting to the point fast. The success depends on a number of choices and when we have a lot of users in the network we can provide better matches to you of more similar people, with whom you can make friends, stay in touch, develop business, date and of course marry. 


Are you excited about a new journey? Sign Up with us today to express your interest. We are looking for 20,000 users who will say "yes" to us before we go AI.

Similar attracts

Looks like me, does what I do and we are friends...

Looks like a match? It is so. Now the question is how normally you can achieve it. Through school, university and then work. But how many of you still have friends from school? It's great to have them but when you need a co-founder, a friend, a mate, or a partner, your choices come infinite down to networks that offer people that are open for this. One for business, one for date, one for ... whatever.  

Happy families start here

Consensus brings pleasure

If someone likes you he/she tries to look like you. This means adoption of what you have to that other person. Ever heard: "I like your bottle, drinking from it is sweetier than from mine"- Sweet, right?

Too many argues cause families to break - wrong color, wrong shape, home not cleaned properly, you are too thick and on and on. Who can bare this? Yet happiness comes from similarity, let’s search similar people.

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AI for the good - let us put technology forward to find you your circle 

Surprised by happy people that met each other? In the age of AI this should not be a problem to do at a mass scale to make more people happy. There is no point in chasing random people in the hope to meet someone. One can do it targeted and achieve higher success. Give it a try, let us show you the magic. And if you won’t like it you can switch to a regular network at any time. We also promise to have a switch between Most Likely - Neutral - Unlikely matches to give you a comparison if you will feel bored.

1. Sign up to express your interest.

2. When 20,000 interested reached, we will create a network.

3. Upload your picture and fill questionnaire.

4. Give us some time to match you.

5. Voila, enjoy the matches. 


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