Business Insider Article

A-LabInsider has recently launched their app to help
biotech companies find and work with academic life science labs. What the A-
LabInsider team is creating is an easy access new app, which will help both sides
connect with each other better. It will help create a central database for biotech SMEs
to find academic labs through their literature, keep an eye out for relevant and up-to-
date labs, and gain lead generation and market intelligence of each lab.

With the abundance of academic labs being twice as much as biotech SMEs, it has
been very time-consuming and tedious to sift through all the information and choose
the lab that fits their needs. Through the app, SMEs can make their decision through
the literature that the labs have produced, the analytics of the lab, whether or not the
lab is currently present in the market, the relevance of each lab, and the market
intelligence to get an overview and benchmark performance of each lab. With the
ever-growing need for things to be convenient and easily accessible, A-LabInsider
provides biotech SMEs something that they did not think they needed.

The app is not only something that will positively affect the way that both sides
connect with each other and boost their business, it also provides SMEs with the
functions that may be provided to big companies, but at a more convenient and
affordable price.

At the moment, academic labs represent 20-25% of revenue for biotech companies
and have an average budget similar to a startup, but they do not receive the innovation
that they hope for because of the inability to be found straightforward. By creating a
central database for SMEs and academic labs, A-LabInsider has provided a way to get
the same results with the app as companies would get if they were to hire someone to
their team to do the exact same job and spend years and still not getting information
on labs that newly arise. For a small company, that proves to be cost-effective and
funds can be used for other parts of the business instead.

Through their continuous research of relevant up-to-date information about the
medical and SME market, A-LabInsider has deductively realized that there is a market
for this type of platform and people are more than willing to spend an appropriate
amount of money to get the results they desire.

A-LabInsider has currently put multiple biotech companies on a license through their
app and plans to add more companies on a license. This app will be beneficial in more
ways than one for both biotech SMEs and academic life science labs.